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Wiliam Percy Grace (1856-1933)

Parents: William Grace and ‘Unknown’.
Siblings: Herbert Wylam Grace.

William Percy Grace
b. 1856, Benwell, Northumberland, England.





About William P. Grace

Further Information:

England and Wales Census, 1881
Name: William P Grace
Age (Original): 25
Gender: Male
Birth Year: 1856
Birthplace: Benwell, Northumberland, England
Relationship to Head of Household: Son
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Papermill Employing 90 People
Address: Scotswood Villa
Event Place: Benwell, Northumberland, England
Record Type: Household
Affiliate Publication Number: RG11
Piece/Folio: 5056 / 91
Page Number: 49

Household, Role, Gender, Age, Birthplace
William Grace, Head, M, 63, Durham, Durham, England
William P Grace, Son, M, 25, Benwell, Northumberland, England
Herbert W Grace, Son, M, 21, Benwell, Northumberland, England
Isabella Appleby, Boarder, F, 59, Middleton, Northumberland, England
Catherine Graham, Boarder, F, 35, Whitfield, Northumberland, England
Esther Mc Cutchen, Boarder, F, 21, Scotland
GS Film number:1342219

Source: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XQCV-LMC

England and Wales Census, 1871
Name: William P Grace
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1871
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Relationship to Head of Household: Pupil
Birthplace: Benwick, Northumberland
Schedule Type: Household
Registration District: Kendal
Sub-District: Ambleside
Parish: Applethwaite
County: Westmorland

Household, Role, Gender, Age, Birthplace
George H Puckle, Self, M, 46, Welnetham, Suffolk
Richard C Atkinson, Assistant, M, 26, Salford, Lancashire
John D Gray, Assistant, M, 25, Clifton, Gloucestershire
John P A Stowell, Assistant, M, 42, Rhineland Prussia
Wyatt D A Barnard, Assistant, M, 23, Hasting, Sussex
John C Pigott, Assistant, M, 46, Chichester, Sussex
Mary E Pigott, F, 46, Stanley, Derbyshire
Robert Walker, Servant, M, 52, Ambleside, Westmorland
John Austin, Servant, M, 18, Ambleside, Westmorland
Mary Stainton, Servant, F, 33, Sedbergh, Yorkshire
Mary Ross, Servant, F, 27, Kendal, Westmorland
Margaret Ross, Servant, F, 22, Sedbergh, Lancashire
Agnes Bushley, Servant, F, 19, Sedbergh, Yorkshire
Jane Forrest, Servant, F, 23, Keswick, Cumberland
Elizabeth Smith, Servant, F, 24, Kendal, Westmorland
Ann James, Servant, F, 28, Scotland
Priscilla Westgarth, Servant, F, 24, Kendal, Westmorland
Jane Whitehead, Servant, F, 19, Burnside, Westmorland
Frederick R Hanney, Pupil, M, 16, New Brighton, Cheshire
Thomas Williams, Pupil, M, 16, Liverpool, Lancashire
John P Fell, Pupil, M, 17, Finsthwaite, Lancashire
Charles H Mounsey, Pupil, M, 15, Sunderland, Durhamshire
William French, Pupil, M, 16, Ireland
Joseph K Armstrong, Pupil, M, 16, Newcastle, Northumberland
John H Pentland, Pupil, M, 15, Lungran Armagh, Ireland
Walter Hase, Pupil, M, 16, Pallasgreen Lemend, Ireland
Arthur E Potts, Pupil, M, 17, Chester, Cheshire
William H Harrison, Pupil, M, 17, Elipston, Northamptonshire
Henry A Wall, Pupil, M, 16, Ireland
William P Grace, Pupil, M, 15, Benwick, Northumberland
Francis E Epostlethwaite, Pupil, M, 18, Withustack, Westmorland
Richard A M Henn, Pupil, M, 15, Ireland
William Russell Tount, Pupil, M, 16, Ireland

Source: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:V55W-48R

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